What is Zuits?

Since April 1st 2016, Zuits provides an innovative way of tax advice. Our fee is not Not on an hourly base, but on a subscription and fixed fees. We don’t look back at the financial figures, but will act as a business partner in the present and collaborate with you to provide you with up-to-date advice. Zuits is not a provider of commodities, but can be seen as a community. We believe in connecting you with other innovative entrepreneurs. Our network = your network!

Pricing plans

The Start-up subscription (Small) includes all basic tax services customised to the desired level of tax guidance. It’s important to set up an optimal tax structure, especially for a Start-up…


The Medium subscription includes all basic tax services customised to the desired level of tax guidance, among which quarterly meetings and opportunity for enquirements by phone and e-mail once in a while…


The Large subscription includes all basic tax services customised to a more comprehensive level of tax guidance, among which maximum 6 meetings a year and opportunity for enquirements by phone and e-mail once in a while…


The XLarge subscription obviously includes all basic tax services customised to a comprehensive level of optimal tax guidance, distinguishing from the other subscriptions by inclusive regular meetings and opportunity for enquirements by phone and e-mail …

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We work with

Zuits is a partnership between Zirkzee Group and tax lawyer Raymond Schuwer. We offer tailor-made innovative tax services against suitable pricing. Basically, we provide tax advice on a subscription base.

  • Zirkzee Group is an all round firm and renders local and international accountancy and tax compliance and consultancy services. The Zirkzee Group employs about 80 staff and is based in Oegstgeest, Gouda and Noordwijk. At Zirkzee Group we provide the following services: accounting, audit, tax compliance and consultancy, payroll, HRM-support, application work / residence permits / 30%-ruling, preparation and filing individual tax returns, first line assistance on social security- and labour law issues. Through our membership of the Geneva Group International (GGI) we are able to assist our clients abroad. Certain Zirkzee Group services can be obtained on fixed fee basis, some services are rendered on time spent basis and some on no cure no pay or a combination of the aforementioned.

  • The RB is a Dutch professional body for tax advisors with its own training institute to maintain the quality and knowledge of its members.

    Register Belastingadviseurs (RB)
  • TAXFEX is an online platform where only approved tax, law and consulting firms provide reliable tax and other business information about their countries and offer their professional services. The platform is managed by a long standing taxadviser who knows and understands the problems and difficulties of international business especially for small and middle sized companies. The TAXFEX experts are well-established and experienced tax, consulting and law firms that are committed to providing clients with specialist solutions for their international business requirement. As professional tax, law or consulting firms, the TAXFEX experts keep their knowledge always up to date. Professional excellence is one of their foremost principles. Our success is based on your trust!

  • PNO consultants is an independent grants and innovation consultancy, providing full services throughout Europe. PNO combines an understanding of the dynamics of your activities and ambitions in the area of innovation and investments with insights into key societal issues that are supported by government funding. The net effect of our contribution is to reduce your workload, increase your return on investment and shorten your time to market.

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